Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Osteopaths are fully equipped to manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome effectively.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common complaint affecting the structures around the wrist and into the hand. CTS is an irritation and inflammation of the Median Nerve which travels from the neck, down through your arm and into your hand through a structure called The Carpal Tunnel.

The Median Nerve supplies some muscles of the arm and hand as well as some patches of skin over the hand and forearm.

Sufferers often feel a sensation of numbness or pain in the hand and occasionally into the forearm, and often experience difficulty using the hand with daily tasks.

Our Osteopaths understand that sudden painful symptoms in your hand effects your day by day routine and will work to rapidly relieve the pain.

When you come to visit us here at Optimal Osteopathy, you will be seen by one of our Osteopaths who shall conduct a full physical exam and case history to narrow down which structures may be causing irritation of the Median Nerve.

A typical treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome includes treating the whole upper limb, neck and back as it all can contribute to one another.

The information you give us as well as what we gather from the physical exam will help us to target which areas to treat using hands-on manual techniques including:

- Deep soft tissue massage (AKA Neuromuscular Technique).

- Active muscle release (AKA Muscle Energy Technique).

- Myofascial release.

- Joint mobilisation and manipulation.

These techniques can:

- Relax  tight muscles

- Release trapped ligaments and tendons

- Reduce inflammation

- Improve circulation

Equally as important is gaining information about your lifestyle. How you sit at a desk/sofa, what you eat and even how you breath can be modified to take pressure off the Median Nerve as it passes through narrow anatomical spaces.

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