Desk-Based Posture Pain

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What You Need To Know

Here at Optimal Osteopathy, we see patients on a daily bases who have symptoms that are a directly linked to, or at least related to their desk posture. 

We live in a time where new phrases such as 'Text Neck", "Desk Back" and "Rounded Shoulders" have been created because they are now a common cause of desk-related postural pain. 

Common symptoms such as stiff neck, back and shoulders, tight and knotted muscles and headaches are greatly influencing our work productivity. 

Whether it's "just a desk job" or "needed to complete my studies" a lot of people seem to be effected in some way or another. 

We understand that the best thing to do when you're symptoms are building up quickly or just not going away, you can't always get up, move around and stretch. So what do you do about it? 

When you come to see us here at Optimal Osteopathy Cardiff, your Osteopath will work with you to not only alleviate the stiff joints and tight muscles but also give you advise about how to correct your posture. 

During your treatments, your Osteopath will do the following:

  • Release and stretch out those tight muscles by using hands-on deep soft tissue massage (AKA Neuromuscular Technique). 
  • Strengthen and activate weak muscles by getting you to contract and release muscle groups as well as giving you a tailored exercise programme. 
  • Decrease joint stiffness by using Mobilisation and Manipulation (where appropriate) which allows the joints to move freely. 
  • Give you a desk-based stretching routine which take 1-2 minutes - perfect to do during micro-breaks (every 20 minutes). 
  • Ask you about your desk setup to identify areas which could be modified to improve your desk-related and overall posture. 

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