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Hands on manual treatment is an effective way to manage general aches and pains.

Here at Optimal Osteopathy we know that the fast-paced nature of life can eventually get too much for the body to handle. 

General aches and pains doesn't necessarily mean there is something 'wrong' with the structure involved.

In our experience it is typically due to irritation or inflammation of the structure involved, including muscles, ligaments, bursa, tendons and cartilage. 

 You and your Osteopath will work together to locate the areas of concern, tell you what the best treatment plan is and how many sessions you'll need.  Your Osteopath will likely use a combination of the techniques listed below to help ease the tension of tight structures, reduce inflammation and irritation, improve joint mobility and decrease pain and stiffness.

- Deep soft tissue massage (to help ease  the muscles). 

- Joint mobilisation/manipulation (moving your body to allow more movement from the joints).

- Exercise prescription (establish long lasting benefits and reduce risk of re-injury).

- Lifestyle and postural advise.

Osteopathy can help by looking at your whole body, and using examination to find out what is stiff and what isn’t.

Then by using techniques to treat improve the function of the structures involved, you will move more freely with less pain.

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