Knee Pain

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What You Need To Know

The knee is essentially a balancing act of the thigh bone (femur) sitting on top of two leg bones (the tibia and fibula) supported by ligaments and muscles.

If you strain the ligaments, with a twist or fall, the knee becomes unsettled, causing further problems with how you walk. Deeper injury or degeneration can cause damage to the cartilage/meniscus (these are the shock absorbers of the knee).

Here at Optimal Osteopathy, we have fully qualified Osteopaths who are able to give you an explanation as to what is causing your pain and if it warrants further investigation such as a scan or arthroscopy.

When you visit us here at Optimal Osteopathy here in Cardiff, your Osteopath will take a look at your knee as well as other joints such as your foot and ankle, hips and your sacroiliac joint (joint connecting your low back and pelvis). 

Once the issue has been diagnosed, your Osteopath will use hands-on techniques in order to identify and treat the appropriate structures to help the knee back to functioning properly with no pain. Treatment techniques will include: 

  • Deep soft tissue massage (AKA Neuromuscular and Muscle Energy Technique). 
  • Mobilisation and Manipulation (Gently moving your joints in a certain way to allow them to move better). 
  • Rehabilitation advise such as the best way to use Heat and Cold Packs, exercise prescription and other lifestyle and posture advise. 

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