Muscle Pains & Pulls

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If muscle pain persists and carries on for longer than 3 days, it is very important to see your Osteopath.

Here at Optimal Osteopathy, we know muscles are injured for many reasons. From postural-related strains and over-exercising to trigger points and tightness, muscle injuries are the most commonly treated injury.

We specialise in our ability to locate areas which may be the cause of your muscle pain, use quality hands-on techniques to treat them and give you tailored exercise and postural advise.

When you combine these factors effectively and frequently it can greatly decrease the severity and frequency of your symptoms.

When you come to visit us here at Optimal Osteopathy your Osteopath will work with you to assess your posture, gait and ask you questions about your work, lifestyle and diet.

The information you give us as well as what we gather from the physical exam will help us to target which areas to treat using hands-on manual techniques including:

- Deep soft tissue massage (AKA Neuromuscular Technique).

- Active muscle release (AKA Muscle Energy Technique).

- Myofascial release.

- Joint mobilisation and manipulation.

These techniques can:

- Relax tight muscles

- Release trapped ligaments and tendons

- Reduce  inflammation

- Improve circulation

In addition, your Osteopath will provide you with a tailored exercise programme and specific lifestyle change advise to make sure you are no longer affected by persistent muscle pains.

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