Pinched & Trapped Nerves

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A trapped or pinched nerve is the common name for an Entrapment Neuropathy. Osteopaths are highly skilled in effectively managing Neuropathy.

Here at Optimal Osteopathy we commonly treat Entrapment Neuropathy. 

When you visit us we will conduct a full case history and physical examination of the effected areas, concentrating on your nervous system.

Although pinched and trapped nerves are painful and has a profound effect on quality of life, it can be managed effectively in the right hands.

Entrapment Neuropathies are caused by physical compression or irritation of the peripheral nerves (nerves which originate from your spine travelling into your arms, ribs, pelvis and legs. 

Certain sites are more likely to cause compression as the nerve travels through different 'narrow spaces and tunnels'. Occasionally, compression of a blood vessel can cause symptoms of Neuropathy. 

Symptoms are typically occur in the arms or legs and usually consist of: 

- Pins and needles 

- Numbness

- Weakness 

- Pain

Osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat this type of condition on a common basis. It typically takes 4 years to qualify as an Osteopath.

When you visit Optimal Osteopathy you will be fully assessed by one of our fully qualified, registered and insured Osteopaths. This assessment will narrow down which structures may be compressing the nerve and which nerve is involved.

Treatment typically involves using hands-on techniques to stretch and release tight muscles, stiff joints and prescribing exercises to strengthen weak muscles to improve function.

Equally as important as treatment is gaining information about your lifestyle. How you sit at a desk, what you eat and even how you breath can be modified to take pressure off the nerves as they pass through narrow anatomical spaces and tunnels.

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