Rheumatic Pain

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What You Need To Know

Here at Optimal Osteopathy, we know that Rheumatic Pain can be extremely debilitating, frustrating and tiring.

Defined as an umbrella term to describe a collection of conditions which cause intermittent pain affecting joints and connective tissue.

If you have been diagnosed with Rheumatism, it's important to have a consultation with a Rheumatologist (a specialist in Rheumatic Conditions).

When you come to visit us here at Optimal Osteopathy, you will have a full case history taken to assess and examine your symptoms followed by a physical examination in order to narrow down which structures are the likely cause of your symptoms. 

Your Osteopath will work with you to help manage your symptoms to help your day-by-day activities easier. 

Alongside high quality hands-on treatment such as soft tissue massage (AKA Neuromuscular and Muscle Energy Technique), your Osteopath will also help you make lifestyle changes to help tackle your symptoms. Sometimes a few changes here and there in diet and exercise can go a long way. 

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