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Your Osteopath is throughly equipped to treat your Sciatica and manage your symptoms.

Here at Optimal Osteopathy, we commonly treat patients who have Sciatica (irritation of the Sciatic Nerve).

When you visit us we will conduct a full case history and physical examination of the effected areas, concentrating on your nervous system.

Although Sciatica is painful and has a profound effect on quality of life, it can be managed effectively in the right hands.

Sciatic pain can be categorised into two groups; referred pain and nerve root pain.

- Referred pain usually accompanies low back pain and is often felt as a vague or aching pain in the buttock or thigh. Typically the pain does not travel below the knee.

- Nerve root pain can be felt as a shooting/electric/pins and needles/numbing pain in the leg that can extend from the lower back, into the buttock, below the knee and into the foot or ankle. Usually there is minor or no lower back pain.

Osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat this type of condition on a common basis. It typically takes 4 years to qualify as an Osteopath.

The Sciatic Nerve is commonly 'trapped' or 'pinched' when passing through anatomical structures such as the joints in your lower back, hip muscles (commonly the Piriformis muscle) and other narrow anatomical tunnels.

The Sciatic nerve commonly irritated when passing through soft tissue and stiff joint spaces, so your Osteopath will work with you using hands-on manual techniques to ease and relax your muscles and free up stiff joints to increase the 'space' in these anatomy tunnels.

Along with exercises, regular treatment allows compression of the Sciatic Nerve to ease and decrease symptoms.

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