Shoulder Pain

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What You Need To Know

Here at Optimal Osteopathy we commonly treat shoulder pain, especially when it's connected to possible neck pain.

There are many reasons for patients developing shoulder problems that can last for days or persist for years. The causes of shoulder pain can be due to inflammation in the shoulder joint as well as damage to tendons, muscles or ligaments.

Depending on the nature of the problem, your Osteopath here at Optimal Osteopathy will be able to treat you straight away or provide guidance on seeking clinical treatment if the condition warrants further investigation.

Your Osteopath here at Optimal Osteopathy will work with you to fully assess and diagnose your shoulder problem and describe to you the best treatment and management plan.

The treatment will be hands-on which aims to decrease shoulder stiffness, reduce pain and increase the range of movement and stability.

After your shoulder problem has been resolved, your Osteopath shall discuss with you the most effective way to keep the problem at bay. Typically this is a balance of bi-monthly/monthly treatment sessions with a tailored exercise and rehabilitation plan.

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