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"I attended an appointment due to lower back pain I was suffering. Alan was knowledgable, friendly and the positive results obtained mean I was very happy with the services and I would recommended to all."

- Mr. Holly


"Brilliant young Osteopath, friendly, knowledgable and explains everything to you, problems, treatments and exercises I still do everyday. He puts you at ease and successfully treated the nastiest back problem I ever had, can highly recommend him."

- Dr Jeff.


"As a writer I spend most of my day trapped behind a desk. My back suffers, but Alan regularly comes to my rescue. His treatments are excellent and his after-care and advice is also superb. If you see anyone in Cardiff it should be Alan. He's a gem "

- Mr McTighe.


"I'm an office assistant who has always had neck and shoulder pain because of the amount of desk work I do. My pain was gone within a few sessions! Alan explained that I should pop back every few weeks or so to keep it at bay. 5 stars - would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Miss McCain.


"Received a very warm welcome, and professional treatment. Listened to everything I had to say, and explained the causes of my back problem. Would recommend to everybody with back problems! 5 stars!"

- Mr Williams.


"I have suffered from a bad knee for many years and have been unable to do any sports of any kind due to the pain in that area. Having spent just 10 mins with Alan he gave me hope and assured me that my problem could be solved and after the first session my knee already felt a lot better and I am looking forward to completing the sessions with Alan. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a calm demeanor and I will definitely recommend him to friends and family."

- Mr Chan.

"I was skeptical about the whole Osteopath scene. But I went in there in bad pain and was much better when I left. Very professional, and effective treatment. They know what they're doing. Worth every penny."

- Mr. Martin


"I saw Alan a few times after I hurt my shoulder during (American) football practice. He told me what the cause of my pain was after doing a few tests and how long it would take me to get back playing. The treatment was excellent and he even gave me some exercises to help me prevent damaging my shoulders when training."

- Mr Anderson


"Just had osteopathic treatment carried out by Alan. Sorted out my lower back pain. I can certainly recommend him."

- Mr Czekaj.


"Alan spent time working on both my shoulder and neck pain whilst coming back from an injury attained from sport. He gave me an excellent service, explaining exactly what and why for each method of treatment. Giving me stretches to target the tightness and prevent future injury. Will definitely return again!"

- Mr Howe.


"Amazing treatment! Hamstrings feel better after just one session with Alan. Will definitely be returning soon!"

- Miss Roberts.


"I came to see Optimal Osteopathy after a shoulder-related work injury. The explanation of the treatment and diagnosis was great, the whole process was excellent! I am now not taking any and can sleep on my side again. Would highly recommend."

- Mr Anderson.


"Very warm welcome with a very professional service. Everything was made very clear to me and the treatment itself was top notch."

- Mr Turner.


"Warm and pleasant welcome. Through examination with full explanation as to the trouble and treatment which was expertly performed. Subsequent visits proved very effective. I was leased with the manner in which the treatment was performed and more than happy to recommend to my friends."

- Mr Isles.


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